Peopleton Pantry Village Shop

Last summer, the Pantry in Peopleton announced their new ‘Green+’ agenda, which is aimed at further increasing the day to day focus on the so called green issues. The shop, which includes the Post Office, had already undertaken some analysis of the successful areas – such as re-cycling and reducing waste of perishables, as well as the levels of locally sourced products stocked. The new agenda, has successfully enhanced these areas, and additionally look at:

·         The energy used and how it is sourced

·         Increasing the use of sustainably produced goods

·         Product packaging

·         Reduced use of plastic

The shop is manned by volunteers, and is managed by Jenny MacDonald who is also the sub-post mistress. The Green+ agenda was endorsed by the shop management committee, chaired by Tim Mason. The key target of implementing all the newly identified items by the end of 2021 was achieved and an on-going review process established, so the ‘green’ focus is now a day to priority.

Tim Mason says that ‘This is an excellent way of giving more prominence to the green agenda, whilst ensuring our customers see the benefit of the products on offer in range and quality, as well as price. This has generated interest in our customers, as well as our current and new volunteers (for which we always seek additions). The latest news and updates on the Pantry and the Post Office are on the website and via social media -