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The 2020 festival is dead and gone even before it started but, Phoenix like, we have risen from the ashes and are busy working on next year’s event.

First we had to deal with advance bookings for this year; some requested a full refund, others to roll their reservation over to 2021 and it was very heartening and humbling to find that some elected to donate their payment to help with next year, some took only part of the refund and others sent a donation.

We are so grateful to our fans whose loyalty and generosity will indeed help to make Festival 2021 as good as ever.

Not much news about live jazz, basically because there isn’t any, but a look at “lockdown jazz UK” on Google, Facebook or one of the dozens of social media sites will bring up plenty of performances, some videos of complete past concerts and festivals and some virtual performances specially made for lockdown.

Most news items at present seem to be birthdays or obituaries of jazz stars, one of the most notable being Jimmy Cobb, drummer in the Miles Davies band when they recorded “Kind of Blue”, the 1959 album which significantly changed the development of jazz music and is allegedly still the biggest selling jazz album ever. Jimmy died on 24th May aged 91.

May also saw the birthday and obituary of New Orleans born clarinet and sax player Sidney Bechet, died 14th 1959 on his sixty second birthday. He settled in France in later life and became somewhat of a national icon. Over 2000 people attended his funeral.

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