Garden Watch

It seems to have been a sombre few weeks with the sun only putting in occasional appearances. The hot weeks in July feel like a long time ago. At least the garden has not suffered from a lack of water and still looks very green and healthy. Even more flowers have passed their best but there are still flashes of colour. The alstroemerias continue to provide beautiful flowers. The clematis and the climbing rose are no longer in bloom and our main flower bed is looking rather sad and neglected. The geraniums in the pots continue to be splendid as long as we keep dead-heading them. Our pretty patio rose which went into a decline has also burst forth with a display of beautiful coral pink flowers with more buds to come.

The mint is covered with pale purple flowers- like mini lilacswhich the bees are loving!! They have been positively swarming with insects this past week. Just as well as the lavender has gone over so they are looking for another source of nectar. We have had a few wasps blundering their way into the house through the patio doors. Having managed to finally persuade one to leave recently, I am sure it was the same one that then came back in through the back door! Silly creatures! It seems that neither the hedgehog or Sophie have learned their lesson. A recent encounter late at night resulted in a very distressed hedgehog and an even more distressed Sophie! The resulting vet’s bill for a scratched cornea was not welcome and she is still looking for the hedgehog at every opportunity!

The shrubs continue to grow at a tremendous rate and thwart our attempts to keep them trimmed. The weeds are also sprouting everywhere. The cooler temperatures and occasional showers are obviously ideal conditions for growth.

We have the company of moles again making their presence felt. Each day there are new molehills and the lawn has a distinctly squidgy feel where there are tunnels below the surface. Bearing in mind that there are approximately 31 million moles in mainland Britain, I suppose we should be grateful that we only have one or two!

The birds are still visiting our feeders and it is interesting to see the youngsters who have not acquired their adult plumage yet. The blue tits seem to have taken over where the robins once ruled, purely by numbers! The flashes of black and white are still seen as the magpies swoop across the garden.

There is the feel of Autumn in the air but the leaves are still green so far. We are hoping for an Indian Summer as the sunbed has had few outings. Already the days are shorter and there is a chill in the evenings. We may be losing the flowers but there is the prospect of beautiful Autumn colours to look forward to – and a fine crop of pears!!