£3 Billion Bus Revolution

Harriett Baldwin MP has offered her support for a new national bus strategy which will reform the sector and offer £3 billion of investment.
The plan will pave the way for cheaper, quicker and more reliable bus services as part of the Government’s levelling-up agenda.
The new strategy will require local authorities to work in partnership with bus operators to improve services for passengers in order to be eligible for funding in future.
Bus service operators will be required to offer simpler bus fares, better services in the evenings and at weekends and a ticketing system integrated with the train network.
Harriett said: 
“I’ve worked with both the local council and individual bus companies to try and secure rural services including connections for Upton-upon-Severn, Kempsey and Pershore.
Bus connections are particularly important for rural areas and it is frustrating for us all, and especially the bus companies, when big diesel buses travel around the county with so many empty seats.
I welcome this strategy that will both invest in bus services and greener alternatives, but also make it easier and more accessible for local people – hopefully making it a viable alternative to the car.
We’re all trying to do out bit to reach our national net-zero ambition and much more use of public transport will be an important part of that effort.”