Angela Johns - Reflexology

My love of reading started in primary school and it has brought me immeasurable pleasure. I have laughed, shed tears, been shocked, amazed and humbled by words in novels, biographies, text books and articles. A well researched novel may have fictitious characters but we can still identify with the real human emotional experiences. 

Really good novels can give us all sorts of life lessons when they are written from the heart. People writing about people. We can even personify the feelings of creatures. Who can hold back tears reading Charlotte's Web or not root for Buck in Call of the Wild? My last couple of novels have both been stories of refugees, the physical journeys being a sideline to the mental voyage. The common thread I felt was hope. These stories were at their most sad when hope was missing. It got me thinking about hope and what it could mean in our lives. 

A doctor once told me some devastating news. Afterwards, she said to me, “There is always hope.” I didn’t understand. It seemed she was taking with one hand and giving with the other, so I brushed it to one side. I have since learnt more about hope and I now realise she was speaking from the experience of seeing other people's stories, the ones she has witnessed whilst doing her job. She has seen that hope can be the fuel that keeps us going when it seems our tank has run dry.

So, what might hope be? Surely it is not the last ditch chance that things may turn out how we want, fingers crossed?
I think hope is much more optimistic than that. It gives us the agency to make things happen. Hope means we can think of new ideas. Hope means we can choose how we will act. Hope also means we can have faith in how others will choose how to act, allowing us to see the good in others as well as ourselves. It means we know that we can’t always have what we want, and if we don't, it will be ok - because hope tells us we have done all we could and we can accept the outcome. 
Hope, then, is what it means to be human. It's not the last stop – but a turning point.

Angela is a qualified Reflexologist, Aromareflex Practitioner and Reiki Teacher/Practitioner. She is passionate about her therapies and spends quality time with her clients to facilitate their wellbeing. You can find her at