The Pause

I’ve been away on holiday. Firstly, I am so grateful for that. I had time off, I was able to afford it, the timing was perfect and I am safe. I didn’t ‘deserve’ a holiday as such, (that’s a whole other discussion) but I felt I was ready for it for sure. My whole life I have used longer breaks away to re-evaluate or even make big decisions. This pause can give me the space to see things more clearly.
How useful is a pause? In novels a pause in the story is used to enlighten the reader of the background information of a character, enriching the tale. The pause between our thoughts and the action we take can save a relationship. Think of the pause at the top of a rollercoaster before it plunges down and around – it fills the rider up with excitement and fear to multiply the thrills. Orators use pauses in speeches to let their words sink in and a pause in a conversation enables us to process our emotions long enough to express ourselves how we would like.
We might think of a pause as inert and empty, something that is nothing between the doings. But just as sleep, our pause from waking life, is full of recuperation in mind and body then our waking pause is also full. The trick is to make it a quality pause.
My Reiki practice teaches me all sorts of ways to achieve this from breathing practices and meditation to helping with my thought patterns, bringing gratitude into all I do. Reiki can help with letting go of the angst that accumulates over our life so that it feels safe to pause. We can feel comfortable in them. Then when we feel safe and comfortable, we can fill them with the good stuff. How sweet we can make our lives if our pauses are full of compassion and gratitude.

Angela is a qualified Reflexologist, Aromareflex Practitioner, Reiki Teacher/Practitioner. She is passionate about her therapies and spends quality time with her clients to facilitate their wellbeing. You can find her at