From a different perspective

It is said that when you lose one of your senses your others become heightened. I think this is something that has happened to many during ‘lockdown’ in various respects. Adaptation in so many areas of our lives. 
People were missing their physical visits to friends so they started having zoom quiz nights. Suddenly realising what fun can be had dressing up to go to the computer!

No more restaurants or cafés to have a delicious breakfast, lunch or supper so people started baking and cooking exotic or unusual meals. Joining online groups to show their creations.
No gym sessions or the usual exercise spots, the dining and sitting rooms now becoming home gyms, trying to fit the mat in between the dog and the tv. 

Unable to go into the physical shops and brows people started make and mend, some learning a new skill completely, again many things taking pride of place on social media. 

No more holiday destinations for a few months, deckchairs in the garden to start with and then making the most of the local walks and parks. More picnics than ever and walking without a dog!

For me, unable to work with my ‘hands on’ massage therapy I started doing more energy work. I have worked with energy for many years in the form or Reiki but now I am working with energy in a stronger way. I am helping clients to help clear emotional blocks and with their physical pain. In July I am offering free sessions and the feedback I am getting from the June sessions is very positive. Until massage therapists have the ‘go ahead’ from the Government I will continue to work via zoom, skype or just at the end of the telephone.