'And breathe!'- Angela Johns

‘And breathe!’ How often do we say that to ourselves? How seriously do we take it? I recently read a beautiful poem about just this: using our breath to take a step back from whatever the battle is. With my clients I remind them that their time with me is all about them. They do not have to think about anything, they do not have to make any decisions. All they have to do is lie there and breathe.

Breathing deeply and calmly, just feeling the rise and fall of the chest and abdomen helps the body to soften and relax. The nervous system can switch from stress mode to chill mode, with the right chemicals being released into the blood stream that helps calm us right down. Energetically speaking we can use our breath to ground ourselves, to open our hearts and minds to the wonderful possibilities that are ours to have. In our hearts we nurse the hurts from our past and in our heads we buzz umpteen thoughts about our possible future. Think about how draining that is, how it depletes us of the energy that we could be using to create the best out of the here and now. We let our hearts and our heads wrestle between themselves about what was and what might be, when we could be breathing life into this moment instead. We say that we are creating our future but as each moment passes are we not creating our past?

I can only look back on a life fulfilled if I do something fulfilling as I go along. I know from experience that it is impossible to forget what broke my heart and that it is hard work to mend it and move forward. But it is something that is worth the effort. I also know that I do have to lay some plans for a great future. But it is something I have to accept that so much is out of my control. Between the past and my future is the breath of my reality. With practice I will breathe it deeply and with as much compassion as I can.

Angela is a qualified Reflexologist, Aromareflex Practitioner and Reiki Teacher/Practitioner. She is passionate about her therapies and spends quality time with her clients to facilitate their wellbeing. You can find her at