Back to normal? 

Who are you going to be when life starts to get back to some kind of normal?

Will you take time to look at the clouds, notice the shapes they form, the colours, the types and how they move?

Will you take time to watch the birds in the sky, the bees in the flowers or the spiders making their webs?

Will you be that person who stands in a queue and smiles at those next to you, that person who strikes up a conversation as you have time, even if you are in a rush you know that a conversation will help with the waiting.

Will you be that person who notices that someone is behaving with fear and no longer judge them as perhaps you once might have?

Will you continue to call family members or friends and neighbours to see how they are even if you don’t have the amount of spare time you had?

Will you still be grateful for all those front line staff who selflessly gave their time to continue their job to give you or someone you know what they needed?

Will you continue to use social media to make others laugh and be happy?

Will you start to shop locally supporting the small businesses that return or start anew?

Will you continue to see how we impact our environment and strive to help it rather than take it for granted?

Will you be grateful for that hug that you have been so desperate for?

Will you hold that person a little bit longer knowing what a beautiful privilege it is?

Or will it happen at all?

Will you be that person who looks after yourself, understanding that if you put yourself first you can do so much more for others with compassion and love?

Will you observe more, watching a world that slowed down, some things that stood still while some of us took a long slow breath?

Others working harder than ever in difficult circumstances. Knowing that life will not be the same again, perhaps now having more of an understanding of those who have lived through similar situations. More compassion and more love for everyone and everything.

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