Understanding of your emotion and how it affects you

This App allows the you time and space to balance yourself in the present moment.

It enables a fuller understanding of your emotion and how it affects you.

It allows a way of seeing a different perspective, changing your focus from the negative to a positive.

Providing 90 second videos to balance, calm and promote a shift, igniting change within you.

You will understand that changing your focus enables you to feel differently in the moment.

The Nature in this app will help balance without the need to go for that walk.

You can be on a bus, in your bedroom or kitchen. Sitting at your desk at lunchtime or trying to stop the racing thoughts at the end of the day.

When you are anxious, overwhelmed, angry, frustrated, sad or lonely.

Focus on the images you see in the app, really notice the beauty and wonder of Nature, breathe long and slow breaths and see what a difference it has to your body and mind.

The more you do it, the more you will find you can do it.

Allow the flow, stop that feeling of being stuck in the same negative emotion.

You can choose how you feel.

In fact you are the only thing that you can influence for certain, so do it.

Realise that you can have a break of negative feeling.

You can choose to do that…NOW.

Ignite new feelings, allow the flow, nothing stays the same so why not help that change be a positive one.

Help yourself now to understand what power you have to change the way you feel in the moment.
The negative emotions you feel are telling you something so listen, feel, then understand and see the reason why.

Once you understand why and find your Truths about that trigger you can let the emotion go.
Connect to the Truth of you.

Become Emotionally intelligent, it can change your world.

This app offers video, audio, mediation, sound room and colour room.

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