Keep up the kindness 

Over the last few months there has been so much kindness seen to others in and around Pershore. People offering to do the shopping for others or picking up prescriptions. There was the wonderful creation of the ‘Community Cupboard’ which has grown from strength to strength and now helping many. The Food Bank had extra help from a local musician to deliver to homes in need from his camper van. 
Somehow the lock down saw many lonely people to be not so lonely. Online meetings enabled those who cannot reach physical meetings to join others such as the beautiful singing group ‘Vocal High’. Just remember some of those people still do not have the means to get to the places but you can still reach out and connect with them. 
Now things are creeping back to some kind of normality remember this kindness, try not to get caught up in the day to day rushing around. Remember to call on that person you were checking up on, even though they no longer need the support they did. Such kindness must be encouraged.