Self-care by Emily Papirnik

relaxing body and mind

As I sit here in the sunshine I know this is something that is really important and something I remind my clients of regularly, whether it is the process of stretching to help loosen tight muscles or deep breathing to balance or become calm. Self-care can be more than this though. It is something I was very good at ‘dishing out’ but not necessarily good at heeding myself. During this time of ‘staying at home’ and being unable to go to work I have had time to focus on this self-care for ME. I have been giving myself the mornings to meditate and exercise, doing Tai chi, yoga and HIIT sessions from the various amazing online gurus. I have had time to really notice the aches and resistances in my body, giving them time to ‘let go’ or giving them ‘time off’ from a specific exercise because they were hurting. I am finding my balance in both body and mind. Certain days thinking I will start on my to do list, then realising that I will start it another day. I am resting, ‘free falling’ into activities that I

really want to do rather than have to do. I am feeding myself what I want to, really thinking into what my body actually wants or needs. Things that make me smile, yes I did overdo the Easter chocolate but I felt no guilt about it. I am doing some self-massage on my arms, hands and legs. Try it, it too helps calm as you slow down, use some oil or moisturising cream, as you do it notice your skin, notice the bones and joints underneath, allow that nurturing of you. Massage lightly and slowly moving towards your heart.

Please feel free to look at my @intentionTherapy Facebook page for videos of guided meditations, Emotional Freedom Technique and self –massage.

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