Wrong Fuel? - Pam Clark

I recently had an incompatibility issue with the fuel in my car. Sadly it was the right car but the wrong fuel; and as you might expect it didn’t end well. Minutes after I realised my error the car decided it didn’t want to play anymore and I am so grateful to the kindness of strangers who helped me push my car to one side as well as the roadside recovery and expertise at KCR garage, Pershore. This was a first for me and not an experience I’m keen to repeat but apparently it’s more common that I realised. In fact the AA have a specific service just for this very error and according to the RAC nearly 150,000 motorists fill their tank with the wrong fuel every year. So, it seems I’m not alone after all.

It made me think about how we’re fuelling our own bodies and actually, taking the car analogy one step further, how we’re maintaining and caring for them. If we’re spending long hours at work, over or under exercising, having poor sleep and feeling overwhelmed that can have a direct impact on how we digest and absorb our food, how our body repairs and regenerates, the rate at which we age, our susceptibility to chronic illness, as well as how we feel day to day.

There are many ways to make sure we’re adding the right fuel: Sleep: Optimising length and duration of sleep is vital. Ensure an ambient temperature, a dark room, a comfortable eye mask and Epsom Salt bath before bed?

Sleep: is often the first thing to improve as my clients make changes to their diet and lifestyle

Food: Are you eating at regular intervals? Avoiding unnecessary snacking and hydrating well? Are you eating a variety of well chosen protein with every meal combined with a range of colourful veg and some healthful fats (fish, nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil)?

Joy: What activities do you have in your day, week and month that raise your spirits, make you feel calm and at ease? A walk in green space, time with friends, a creative hobby and purposeful movement?

Just like our cars the changes we make today have immediate and long lasting effect. If you’re ready to re-consider how you are fuelling your life, book a call with Pam today on 07916 688281