It takes guts!

Digestive complaints are one ofthe most common issues in myclinic. Many people have livedwith these issues for a long timeand are amazed and delighted bythe difference our work togethercan have – no moreembarrassing noises, changingtheir outfit to suit their“pregnant” stomach andplanning trips around access to atoilet.There are many differentinterventions I use in clinic buthere are a couple of simple toptips:Use your senses. Our digestionstarts when we see and smellfoods –this is called the cephalicphase, you are literally lettingyour gut know food is coming!There are enzymes in your salivathat start break down your foodbefore it evens reaches yourstomach – so taking time tothink, prepare and truly see ourfood is an important part of theprocess to support this. Avoideating on the go, take time to sit,allow a few breaths in and outand take a moment to look at ourplate and express appreciationfor the food – a simple “doesn’tthis look great” or gratefulthought to oneself is also awonderful support to digestion.Chew your food. The stomachdoes not have teeth! Poorchewing can affect the degree towhich we digest and absorb ournutrients, food can take longer todigest and that can cause it to“ferment” with symptoms offullness, bloating and wind.Ideally, we want to aim to chewour food so that it isunrecognisable if we were to spitit out just before swallowing (nota good party trick folks).Seek Support. As we age ourlevels of digestive enzymes andstomach acid can drop. We needoptimum levels of stomach acidto properly digest our food, killbacteria and aid full absorption;and the fast-paced busy world,medications and Western dietsets us up beautifully for gutissues. A simple hot water andlemon or splash of Apple CiderVinegar (with mother) is a gentledigestive aid before meals butmany of us benefit from morespecific, tailored dietary changesand lifestyle interventions.We are not just what we eat – we are what we eat-digest-absorb and eliminate and if anyof those pathways is askew wemay find ourselves in pain,discomfort, exhausted and notleading our optimum life.Pam Clark is a RegisteredNutritional Therapist and HealthCoach dedicated to supportingpeople to live their life well.Book your complementary30minute consultation with Pamat www.nurturenutrition.org07916 688281