Community Wetland and Nature Reserve

Depending on the weather, sheep are put onto the Meadows in autumn/winter each year for a few weeks. They perform a very important task in eating the grass and reducing the fertility of the ground. This gives a variety of wild flowers a chance to flourish which would otherwise be swamped by the grasses. This has been a continuous battle in recent years as the regular flooding has seen nutrients deposited from the river which discourage biodiversity and the growth of wild flowers, although some 200 tonnes of carbon are captured annually we are told!
The sheep are allowed to roam throughout the site and could therefore, be encountered
anywhere, so please do keep any dogs on a lead as most of these sheep are in lamb and could be
harmed by even a dog simply attempting to play with them. After all, think we all like to see
these little woolly munchers appearing in the spring!
There are notices on all gates but some may well disappear during any bad weather and please don’t forget to close all gates to keep the sheep safe.

Val Wood

If you see any problems during working hours with the sheep please contact :
Liz Etheridge, Wychavon District Council, 
Tel: 01386 565217
For emergency out of hours