Little Litter Warriors

Wychavon Council Anti- litter Campaign

It was a chilly morning when I went to St Barnabas C of E School to meet a potential group of Litter Warriors. These were the excited children of Year 3 (7 -8 year olds) who were all ready and dressed for their morning. The reason for this was a visit from Karen Blanchfield, ambassador for Wychavon Council's anti-litter campaign. Karen has a passion for ensuring a cleaner planet and is working with schools to convey her message. She had planned a morning of activities to promote the campaign and involve the children in her project.
After an interactive discussion with the children about the danger to the environment and to wildlife, she set them about their task to find as much litter on the school field as they could. Armed with buckets and litter pickers, they set off full of enthusiasm. Forty minutes later, having made good use of their litter eyes, they returned with the contents of their buckets. Plastic wrappers, paper, crisp packets, bottles and so much more, from what had appeared to be a clean field! The litter was examined for dates and further discussion about the nature of these materials and its impact on our lives. The message was about recycling to save our planet.
By now the children were fully involved and keen to take up their role as Little Litter Warriors, using equipment provided by Wychavon Council. Not only that, but they were encouraged to take equipment home so that all the family could join in.
A very successful morning, thanks to an inspirational Karen. With their class teacher, Year 3 will continue to engage in learning to protect the future of their planet by improving the environment and, of course, by recycling. The Little Litter Warriors of St Barnabas School will be good fighters for the cause!