Read Easy

Helping adults learn to read

Well that is the question. We all need to be able to read, but too many still can’t. September is Rotary’s month for supporting projects related to basic education and literacy. Pershore Rotary donated £600 to Read Easy Evesham and Pershore to buy sets of phonic based reading manuals and books. Read Easy is a charity that offers free and confidential coaching to adults who struggle with literacy.

Around 15% of the working age population in Pershore struggle with basic literacy. Of these adults, 7.1% can barely read or can’t read at all. Those who struggle with reading often find everyday tasks, such as reading instructions on medication, accessing bus/train timetables and following recipes very difficult. Applying for jobs is a real challenge if you can’t read. Team Leader Sue Oxley says “We know the huge impact learning to read has on people’s lives. It opens up job opportunities, means they can support their children with school and makes a huge difference to wellbeing and selfesteem. A lot of people who want to improve their reading had bad experiences at school. Our sessions are completely different - they are one-to-one, confidential and go at the reader’s pace. It’s a really brave thing to reach out for help and a lot of our readers say it’s the best thing they’ve done.”

Pershore Rotary was one of the first local groups to help Read Easy Evesham and Pershore by providing valuable funding to get the group up and running. Funding from Pershore Rotary enabled the group to buy the first sets of reading manuals and reading books to be used by the new readers and coaches in Pershore starting their learning journey. Information and contact details for Read Easy Evesham and Pershore can be found on their website at esham-pershore/ or by contacting Simone on 07761 156698 and email Can you help us improve the lives of others? We are always looking for volunteers. If you can spare a few hours a week, please call Kit on 07747 117624 or email him at We’d love to meet you.