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A Wash and Brush Up Vaccinations, worming, defleaing, training and good nutrition are all part of caring for your pet and guaranteeing they are well taken care of, but how often do you brush, bath, clean their teeth or check their ears? Grooming is an essential portion of the continuing care that all pets require. Here are some of the reasons why it is necessary to keep a regular check on your pets overall health: CLEANLINESS – everyone loves a dog who has just been bathed. They smell great and their coat looks fantastic. Ensuring they are bathed in the

correct shampoo is vital to not only the coat condition but also to the skin health. It’s all about the pH of the skin. Human pH level is around 5 – 6 which makes it acidic where as a dog’s skin is higher at a level of 6 – 7, this makes it more alkaline. Using human shampoo can have an effect on the skin of the dog, disrupting the pH level and creating an environment that allows bacteria to flourish and cause irritation and possibly infection. Therefore, it is important to use a shampoo specifically for canine coats. Keeping the skin and coat clean is important and using the right cleansers is key to maintaining health. Once bathed dry the coat using either a towel or a hairdryer – when using a dryer please remember the air can get hot and potentially burn skin so please use carefully. INSPECTION - grooming allows you to look all over your pet and check for any lumps, bumps, parasites or injuries. Knowing where any bumps or lumps are ensures that you can keep a check on size, feel and appearance and if anything looks

suspicious you can get your vet to check it out for you. This also means illness can be detected quickly and treatment given early. Remember also to check teeth for any damage or bad smell, this could be dental disease and requires vet treatment. Brushing – having a wellgroomed pet is always nice to see. A dog that is regularly brushed and matt free with a bouncy, clean coat will undoubtedly be a happy, healthy animal. Using the correct brush is also important. Slicker brushes are good for long, wooly coats such as poodles and their crosses, and double coated dogs such as Labradors and collies. Be careful though that you don’t brush the same area for too long as you may cause brush burn on the skin. Combs are useful to check the coat for any matts that may be left behind after brushing especially on long coats. Any matts need to be carefully split apart so they can be safely brushed out without pulling on the skin.

Bristle brushes are good on shorter coated dogs such as jack russells, pointers and greyhounds. Brushing allows the natural oils to be distributed through the coat making it shine. RELATIONSHIP - spending time with your pet will forge links in the relationship chain. Each time you play, train, exercise or groom your pet you are creating another link and it’s this chain that binds you and your pet together and guarantees you have a great relationship. So, whether you choose to groom your pet yourself or take them to a groomer, you are making sure your best pal has the best life ever.

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