Hair today, gone tomorrow! by Susan Catford

While we are all in this difficult time with lockdown, there is something which may be causing a lot of ladies concern- no hairdressers!!

For some this is not a particular worry, for others it will be. Many years ago when I met my husband as a student, he had a fine head of black, curly hair (think Cat Stevens). One day he appeared absolutely shorn of said hair. From that day to this, he has never been near a barber again. I became his personal hairdresser. At first this involved a regular cropping with comb and scissors. Curls are quite forgiving so noone noticed if it wasn't quite even. The resulting offcuts, when swept into a heap, resembled a small, black kitten. As time progressed our teenage sons introduced clippers into the household. Since the mop of hair was now depleting, curls no longer there, clippers became the weapon of choice. How easy it became to whiz over with these. The offcuts were now far less, suggesting a stray badger had moulted in the kitchen! This has remained the state of play for him, so no problem there.

However, my own locks which need the occasional attention, may be a different issue. He has offered his services. But although he is good with the hedgecutter and secateurs, I am neither a box hedge or a rose bush! I have declined. Instead, I will continue to go for the ‘wind swept and interesting’ option. If this situation continues even longer than we thought, I might have to consider an ‘updo', along with others in the same boat. I suspect that there might be a lot of ladies (and men?) who will be raiding the beauty section of the supermarkets for D.I.Y. products. The results could be very interesting and there may be a new trend for varicoloured hair. I hope everybody will read warnings on the package too before they start or there might not be a need for a hairdresser in the future!

Meanwhile I have been checking out himself and notice he is beginning to look like a scruffy fledgling that has fallen from the nest. So when there is nothing to watch on T.V., I will be reaching for the clippers to provide us both with a few minutes of shared entertainment. Can I also say to all those hairdressers and beauticians who are unable to provide these services just now, we will be back queuing at your doors. We will need you even more! Keep safe now.

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