Reflections by Denise Wicksteed

Sitting in the garden having breakfast this week, Chris asked me the question, “did you ever think we would end up living in Worcestershire?” We were enjoying the birdsong and the tranquillity, and started to look back on our lives. How we met (on the London Underground! I know they say people don’t talk to each other, but we did!) Buying our first flat together in Brentford, in 1976 (the year of the incredibly hot Summer) and the joy that brought us. Going camping in France with very little money, but with great enthusiasm. Getting married that October (It rained all day, and all manner of things went wrong, so much so that we did it all again in 1999, and had a wonderful second honeymoon in Corsica ) We sold our flat three years later, and bought a small house which we gutted, including putting our own central heating system in, we were so proud of it! Our son Matthew was born there in 1981, I remember being incredibly happy to have a baby of my own after years of looking after other peoples children.

Latter that year we moved to another part of Ealing, with a real sense of Community, into a house that backed onto a beautiful Park. Two more babies arrived, Oliver in 1984 and Sebastian in 1988, life was full, busy and Happy. We lived in that house for 34 years until we moved to Pershore.

It wasn’t all a bed of Roses, as life never is, my wonderful Mum was knocked over by a motorbike the year after we married, and that was the hardest thing that I have ever had to deal with, but with Chris by my side, we came through it. There has been redundancy, and all the uncertainty that brings, but you hold fast, try to keep everything as normal as possible for your children, and eventually another opportunity comes along.

We have been lucky, still together after 46 years! When many close friends have separated, we have weathered the storms including health scares, changed careers, and here we are now, along with the rest of the world, learning to live with the Corona virus.

Life has many twists and turns, it can shock and delight you, but at the end of the day we only have each other, these extraordinary last three months have taught us that, in no uncertain terms. 

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