Stepping Out

‘Stepping out’ used to be a rather old-fashioned term which had a similar meaning to ‘courting, in other words, a couple dating. This phrase came to mind in quite a different context recently as we have been allowed to ‘step out' from our position of Lockdown. To see people once more stepping out on the high streets and life returning to some kind of normality is good.
Stepping out now for me, also means I get to air my summer wardrobe – as opposed to my daily dog-walking one – and, of course, my summer footwear!! I know there are those who quite happily live in trainers or flip-flops but not me. I do admit to having a fairly extensive collection of shoes in which I like to step out. However, my husband calling me Imelda Marcos is, I think, a little unfair!
For those who have no idea who Imelda is or was, I will briefly enlighten you. She was married to Ferdinand Marcos, President of the Philippines, and became the 1st lady of the Philippines. During the 1960's and ‘70's, they became renowned for their extremely extravagant life-style. In 1986 they were exiled to Hawaii. Imelda left behind 15 mink coats, 508 gowns, 888 handbags (!!!!) and 1000+ pairs of shoes. My own collection is very modest by comparison!
So, returning to the issue of shoes and summer wardrobes, I am sure I am not the only one enjoying the opportunity to air at least some of those clothes and wear my summer brights.
It is good to see many shops that have reopened in Pershore. They have had a really tough time and need us as customers to support their businesses. To this aim, I have purchased 3 new pairs of shoes to add to my collection (or that is my excuse!).
One of the more positive outcomes of Lockdown is seeing so many people stepping out to take exercise. This seems to have led many to discover walks and parts of the area that they have not visited before. We are lucky to have some beautiful walks on our doorstep so we have not needed to travel. Let's hope that people will continue to enjoy the countryside and footpaths around us. An easy way to take exercise too!
Stepping outside our homes, enjoying our new ‘freedom’ has perhaps made us appreciate what we took for granted before. It is good but we do still need to be sensible if we do not want to return to a lockdown again. However, I can recommend visiting our local shoe shops for a bit of summer colour and to put an extra spring in your step!