There's no place like home

At the beginning of the Summer, I wrote (optimistically!) about a possible trip abroad. Needless to say it didn’t happen. The traffic lights were not with us; amber did not turn green but other circumstances also made it impossible. Like many we have now cancelled several holidays and in a few days we should have been heading to Crete. We do still have a holiday booked for next April, so fingers crossed! Meanwhile we have just had to make the most of being home and it really hasn’t been so bad! With the lifting of restrictions we have visited several hostelries and resumed socialising with friends. The weather has been very variable (not to say disappointing!) with the more fortunate enjoying their staycations during the short hot spell while others experienced a typical British Summer.

The trouble with this country is it can seem very unfair if the week you have chosen to go away is cold, wet and miserable and then the following week, on your return, the sun appears and there is a heatwave! These staycations have been good news for the eateries, holiday homes, camp sites, pleasure parks etc. but at some expense for families. At least a package holiday abroad allows children to enjoy the pool or the beach for free. It will be interesting to see how many will opt for staycations in the future. Back home, the sunbeds have had few outings but there have been many dog walks as always.

A really good bit of news has been the re-opening of our village pub. Not that we are heavy drinkers around here, but we have been waiting in hope to see if this would happen. The locals have been keen to support this venture and as a result, the opening was a great success. Many thirsts were quenched and lots of catching up on local gossip! Being within walking distance and dog friendly, this is an excellent excuse to stretch our legs!

Having been confined to quarters for some time, my sister very kindly invited me to stay for a few days. Living ‘up north’ i.e. Manchester area- it was something of an adventure to head up the M6 by myself. Listening to my favourite CDs, it was all going quite well. I only needed satnav. for the last part of the journey so I pulled into a service area to set this up. Alas, it wasn’t talking to me and since it was on my phone this was difficult. Somehow, to my great relief, I found my way there.

On arrival it was raining and it was chilly! My summer outfits were inappropriate – no raincoat but I did have an umbrella. It rained the next day and the next!! In fact it rained for my entire stay- ‘ it always rains in Manchester,’ I was told on my return. We did have a nice time though. Retail therapy and excellent food meant both my suitcase and I returned heavier. My homeward journey did not start well with a major diversion taking me through narrow lanes before I finally located the M6. More music and the temperature creeping up as I went southwards cheered me up.

At last, home sweet home! Warmer and drier, the dog and husband were pleased to see me and gave me a lovely welcome. It is good to be back. That will do me for now- but I will be keeping my fingers crossed for next April.