County Covid Plan as lockdown eases

WORCESTERSHIRE’S COVID-19 public health team has developed a local plan in case of a flare up as the county prepares to ease lockdown further this weekend and the plan has been welcomed by Harriett Baldwin MP, who was has been in regular contact with public health officials throughout the crisis.  The Department for Health has agreed data sharing at local postcode level with the Worcestershire team. The action plan has been funded with £2.7 million from the Department.

Harriett commented: “The official figures have shown a very low number of recent cases in West Worcestershire and in my weekly briefings with the resilience forum team, it has been clear that local people have done a great job helping to prevent wider spread of the virus.

“With the lockdown easing further this weekend, it’s important that local teams can identify and isolate anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 and their contacts.

“As we open more businesses, including hospitality venues and local attractions, it is important that people maintain a safe distance at all times, and wear a mask when in confined spaces, including when using public transport.

“No one wants to see virus cases increase in Worcestershire and by following the guidelines, we hope that Covid-19 will remain under control.”


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