emergency eyecare for all patients – both NHS & private

Nationally a new scheme has recently been introduced to ensure the availability of emergency eyecare for all patients – both NHS & private. This scheme became active in the Hereford & Worcester area on June 25th & covers all local residents.

The scheme offers telephone & video consultations initially, with face-to -face appointments where necessary & it allows the optometrist to directly refer the patient to the appropriate hospital eyecare department if required. It covers all emergency eye conditions for example: red or irritated eyes, foreign bodies, sudden changes in vision and flashes & floaters (which can indicate a retinal detachment).

During the pandemic we have seen multiple emergency appointments with one gentleman being referred as an emergency for same day surgery on a retinal detachment – I have attached a photo of the detachment and also an image 2 weeks later of the retina after it had been re-attached.

We are open for both emergency & routine appointments and have full PPE to ensure the safety of both our patients and our staff.

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