MP supports Cycle to Work scheme

Harriett Baldwin MP has urged local people to consider using pedal power to get to work and access one of the schemes which help people to ride instead of drive. The MP regularly cycles to her Westminster office and since the onset of coronavirus, has preferred using her fold-away bike rather than use public transport.
And Harriett encouraged local people who are able to cycle to work, to access a scheme which will help with the cost of a bike. Funds were also made available last month to allow people to apply for a voucher to get their old bike repaired.

The Department for Transport has allocated £2billion to help more people use bikes safely for commuting including funds for better cycle lanes. Worcestershire County Council figures show that cyclists have doubled since the onset of coronavirus and lockdown as more people hop on their bikes for leisure and exercise as well as an alternative to using private cars or public transport.

Harriett commented: “Lockdown has seen less traffic and more bikes on the roads, and I hope that we will be able to maintain this impetus by helping more people to get their old bike repaired or get a new one.
“Cycling has been a great alternative allowing me to get to work under my own steam and it is also a great form of daily exercise. “I am keen to make sure that this isn’t just a phase and I have encouraged the Worcestershire councils look at ways of making cycling provision better including dedicated cycle routes and safe lanes between Worcester and Malvern. “The composer Edward Elgar was inspired to his create great works from the saddle of a bike, and I hope that more people will be able to take to the roads safely and enjoy our fabulous rural countryside.”