MP Steps Up Pace on Cycle to Work Schemes

MP Harriett Baldwin has urged more companies to help support their staff to cycle to work as more people look for healthy commuting alternatives to cars and public transport.

And the MP welcomed the efforts of Aquabio, based in Hallow, which supports staff to cycle to work when they can, and more than half of the company’s staff pedal to work rather than drive regularly.

Aquabio specialises in industrial water re-use and anaerobic digestion, and as well as the company’s own green business credentials, its staff are encouraged to travel by bike to and from their HQ at Ball Mill Top Business Park.

Harriett cycles to work in Westminster, when possible, and she urged local cyclists to engage with Worcestershire County Council as it develops a long-term plan for cyclists.

Harriett said: “Cycle journeys doubled during lockdown and it is clear that, when the roads were less, busy, more people felt confident about venturing out by bike.

“I wanted to visit Aquabio to chat to the staff who are regular commuting cyclists, to hear their views, and to make sure that they share their views about how we can improve access for cycles and improve cycle infrastructure.

“Increased cycling is an important legacy of this terrible disease and the Government is tapping into this by committing money to improving infrastructure, supporting cycle to work schemes and even helping people to get their bikes fixed.

“I’ll be watching closely as the local authorities develop their plans to enhance access for cyclists and pedestrians and, as part of a long-term commitment to reducing our carbon emissions, bikes must be part of the future plans.”