Bird boxes and feeding tables for hospices

Welcome to our Future, a small community/ environmental charity based in Pershore, has just completed a project to provide bird nesting boxes and feeding tables to local hospices, including St. Richards, Acorns, Primrose (Bromsgrove), Shakespeare (Stratford) and St. Michaels (Hereford).

Each hospice received three hanging feeding tables and three nest boxes to place in their grounds and these will provide enjoyment for patients, visitors and staff over many years.

The funding for this project came in the form of a £5000 grant from the Morrisons Foundation back in January 2020.

Welcome to our Future has been running the bird box project for over two years and with the help of funding from charitable trusts has provided bird boxes to organisations such as churches, village halls, primary schools, care homes and hospices, in the Midlands area.

Bird population numbers in the UK have declined by around 44m since 1966 and this would help to provide safe nesting sites for several different bird species as well as providing enjoyment for people who like to watch them.

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