Wacky Willow- ‘a joyful little shop’

Wacky Willow opened its doors in September 2019.

It’s owner, Miranda Hall, intended it to be a kind of curiosity shop, everything for everybody. It offers pre-loved articles, gifts, home-furnishings and all kinds of things!

To Miranda this is a new venture. It is a small shop with a friendly atmosphere, lots of character and well-situated on Pershore High Street. Already she has established Wacky Willow as a small local business working together with other individual businesses, supporting each other. It is the kind of shop where people like to browse, sometimes looking for something specific but often finding other interesting things to buy.

Stock comes from a variety of sources including auctions and private supplies. Its products are not mass-produced or intended to be sold in volume.

In the light of our current situation, Wacky Willow has had to close its doors like many other shops in similar circumstances. Also like many others, when it does re-open (as indeed it will!) there will of necessity be changes. Exactly what this will entail will depend on government rulings but Miranda is already planning for her business in the future.

Whilst many businesses now offer mail order sales, this is not the way Miranda would prefer to go. She still enjoys the personal interaction with her customers and foresees a possible change in what people will be looking for.

Being at home has made many people re-examine their households in terms of facilities and necessities. Working from home, home-schooling and alternative leisure activities have all made different demands and requirements. As a stylist, Miranda looks to offer advice as to how people can improve and make the most of their homes. Previously she has offered this service in terms of home visits which she will continue to do. Clients come from all age ranges.

There is an emphasis on recycling, through pre-loved items but also enjoyment through the discovery of the new.

Wacky Willow will adapt to new circumstances and respond to feedback from customers. Miranda is very enthusiastic about her business, her new friendships, her customers and her role as a small business in the Pershore community.

This time of lockdown has been an interruption in the development of her business but is now allowing her to re-evaluate how best to meet future needs. Meanwhile, she is keen for people to come and see what is in her shop window and may be able to offer a delivery or collection service.

It is, indeed, a joyful little shop adding to the special, individual nature of Pershore High Street. Oh, and by the way, I did ask about the name! Apparently it came from a brain-storming session and part of it was inspired by a willow tree near her home.


We are Open!!

Wacky Willow’s memory lanes

How’s this for an interesting find? 
Can you hazard a guess as to what this lovely little silver box is for? 
If you’d like to see it in all its glory then pop into Wacky Willow on Pershore High Street. Our lovely curiosity shop is bursting full of treasures, interesting finds and absolute bargains. There is something for everyone so come and have a browse soon. 

It is a sterling silver travelling spirit burner used to heat curling hair tongs.

A beautiful silver box with a hinged lid and a brass fitted interior. One side is the burner and the other side contains the prongs to rest the irons on. The curling device rested on the folding supports and the irons were made hot by the spirit flame. 

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