Parking in Pershore NOT "exclusively" free

On 31st March, Wychavon District Council notified us of an effort to support people with free parking during the coronavirus.  This has helped a lot of people and we are all thankful. 

During this time, we, as a business have been taking the opportunity to park freely, and this has helped us during such a difficult time.  However, on re-reading the article that was distributed, and remind everyone of the offer that was actually made and is not the one in the misleading headline. 

The traffic wardens are back, up and running, in pairs! People are receiving tickets for illegal parking around the town again.  Please make yourselves aware of the original offer by the Council and read past the “free parking” heading to the content which states,

“to help people while shopping for essentials and to support volunteers caring for the vulnerable.”

Whilst it doesn’t state the time allowed for this, obviously, all day parking is unnecessary and parking in disabled bays is always against the rules, unless you have a blue badge.  However, should you  be an NHS, health or adult social care worker, you are able to park for free and for any length of time, in on-street parking bays while on essential duties and displaying evidence such as a photocopy of your ID badge.

We await a response from Wychavon to our enquiry of Monday 8th June, enquiring “when will the free parking end”, and will update when a response is received.

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