Respect our parks plea following spate of vandalism

Visitors to Wychavon’s parks and green spaces are being urged to treat them with respect after a spate of vandalism and littering.

Damage was caused to the recently laid turf on the site of the new pump track being installed at Charity Brook Park in Evesham. A group of youths gained access to the construction site and were reported to police for general anti-social behaviour and littering. Although the damaged has been repaired, it will need time to establish, which will delay the opening of the new track.

Reports have also been received of people drinking, urinating and defecating at Fairwater Close in Evesham, while public hand sanitiser units at Mayflower play area and Steynors Play Area in Droitwich, have been smashed off.

A mature tree in Vines Park in Droitwich was killed after being stripped of its bark and will now have to be removed. There have also been reports of anti-social behaviour and littering in Rebekah Gardens in Droitwich.

The incidents have all been reported to police and Wychavon since 25 July.