Easter message from Claire Lording

  • 02 min read
  • 6 Apr 2023

Despite all the progress we have made in the past couple of years, we continue to live in challenging and unprecedented times. We find ourselves living in a world where war is raging once more in Europe. We have all watched in disbelief as Ukraine has faced the most terrible of attacks. Scenes of the devastation, the exodus of refugees and the senseless death of so many has been overwhelmingly difficult to watch.

It is understandable if we feel overwhelmed by everything that is happening, not knowing where it will all end. But we can be a people of hope. This month Christians all over the world will be celebrating Easter, that greatest of days when the awesome power of God is seen most perfectly in the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. You can’t get much more hopeless than your Son hanging on a cross, but it is from that moment that God is able to show that God’s love for all of humanity cannot be stopped or held back by death or anything else that would seek to destroy us. We share that Easter love in the many acts of kindness which have happened since the war in Ukraine started; acts which are making a positive difference to the lives of so many.

Easter is the moment in time when everything becomes possible. So let us hope and pray this Easter that peace, true peace, will come to all the world and that we will continue to reach out in love to all our sisters and brothers in need. Claire